Victoria Crosses of the Manchester Regiment in the Great war

Company Sergeant - Major George Evans VC.

18th (3rd City )Battalion.

30th July 1916 Guillemont France.

In Late July the 18th Battalion of the Manchester’s along with the 16th& 17th battalions and other regiments attacked in a area known as Guillemont suffering very heavy casualties during the engagement, company Sergeant-Major George Evans Volunteered to take an important message, a duty that had resulted in the death of five previous messengers. He ran over half a mile and, despite being wounded himself by the enemy, delivered the message, and subsequently returning, from shell hole to shell hole, under persistent heavy enemy fire, to his company he was awarded the VC.

Died 28th September 1937

Grave Elmers End Cemetery Beckenham

Private Alfred Robert Wilkinson VC.

1/5 Battalion

20th October 1918 Maru, France

After four runners in succession having been killed and in an endeavour to deliver a message to the supporting company, Private Wilkinson volunteered for the duty. He succeeded in delivering the message, though the journey it involved exposure to heavy machine gun and shell fire for 600 yards. He showed magnificent courage and complete indifference to danger, thinking only of the needs of his company and entirely disregarding any consideration for personal safety.

Died 10th October 1940

Grave Leigh Cemetery Lancashire.

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