Aug 3rd. Germany declares war on France

Aug 4th. Britain declares war on Germany

Aug 21st. Kitchener asks for a 'New Army'

Aug 23rd. German advance is checked by the British at Mons

Oct 11th. Both sides 'Race to the sea'

Oct 12th. The first battle of Ypre begins

Dec 25th. A Christmas Truce is observed in some areas

Aug 4th. Receives orders for mobilisation at HQ Ardwick Green, Manchester

Aug 25th. Battalion moves to Hollingworth lake, Littleborough for training

Sept 5th. 8 Batt as part of 42nd Div, warned it will be the first TF overseas. Batt moves to Southampton

Sept 10th. Batt embarks for Alexandria, Egypt

Sept 25th. Arrive Alexandria for acclimatisation and training

Oct 19th. Embark for Cyprus

Oct 21st. Arrive Famaguster Harbour, Cyprus 8 Batt based in Nicosia

Nov 5th. 8th take part in the annexation of Cyprus


Jan. Russia asks for a diversionary attack to take pressure off them

Jan. Britain decides on naval action in the 'Dards'

Mar 10th. 2nd Battle of Ypre. First use of Gas.

Mar 25th. Allied troops land at Gallipoli

Sept. Offensives in Champagne and Loos. British use Gas for the first time

Dec. Britain withdraws from Gallipoli

Jan 21st. Arrive Alexandria, Egypt. Begin 3 months of Desert training

May 6th. Arrive in the Dardanelles, Cape Helles

June 4th. 8 Batt attack at Krithia

Aug 15th. 42nd Div down to 1/3rd strength

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