Jan. British Government votes for conscription

Feb 21st. Germany attacks Verdun, to 'Bleed Her white'

Jun. France asks for a diversionary attack to relieve pressure at Verdun

July 1st. Battle of the Somme begins, it will last for 5 months

Jan 8th. 1/8th Batt, along with all other units in the Helles bridgehead, withdraw from Gallipoli

42nd Div return to Alexandria

Aug. British fear Turkish assault on the Suez Canal imminent

Aug 4th-5th. 8 Batt in reserve, attack at Romani


Mar. Germany withdraws to the Siegfried line

Mar 10th. Russian Troops mutiny in Moscow

April 6th. U.S enters war

April 9th. Battle of Arras begins, No Allied Breakthrough

April 17th. French Army shows signs of mutiny

July 31st. 3rd Battle of Ypre, Passchendaele, begins

Battle of Cambrai opens, the British use tanks enmasse, they breakthrough but Infantry are too exhausted to consolidate

Germany counter attacks and re-takes British gains

Feb 27th. 42nd Div embark for the Western Front

42nd.Div enter the line at Epehy, moving on to Havrincourt

July-Aug. Rest and training

Sept. 8th Batt move North to join the offensive at Ypre, Passchendaele.

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