1/8th Continued


Mar 3rd. Russia signs peace treaty with Germany

Mar 21st. Germany launches a major offensive and gains 40 miles, it is their last major attack

Aug. French Commander Foch co-ordinates the 'Hundred day offensive'

Aug 21st. Germany forced back to Hindenburg line

Sept 26th. British and U.S Troops attempt a pincer move at Argonne and Ypre

Sept 29th. Ludendorf demands German Government negotiate for peace

Oct 4th. Germany appeals for Armistice

November 11, Armistice signed, at 11 am the war ends

Sept. Div moves to Belgian Coast, Nieuport

Nov. Div moves to Givenchy, on the La Bassee Canal, Bethune

8th Battalion’s war ended in Hautmont, not selected for Army of occupation

Dec 14-19 Demobilisation  


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